Tracking marketing trends: Why it’s so important to your business

Keeping up with marketing trends can be a hard ask. Almost every week there’s a new app or tool that you absolutely must have to capture your audience’s attention. Then there’s always the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook and Google and how they’re constantly effecting the reach of your marketing efforts. 

However, in order to stay in-tune with the evolving marketplace and how your customers consume and react to the content you’re producing, it’s essential that you keep your finger on the pulse of marketing trends. Here’s why: 

It’s more cost-effective

Instead of simply producing mounds of content and hoping for the best, wouldn’t you rather set yourself specific targets and goals and steadily aim for them? Besides seriously minimising the time you spend on marketing, you’ll also be saving a lot of money by carefully channelling your efforts appropriately. Keeping up with marketing trends helps you figure that out.

It allows you to connect with your customers

This is probably one of the more important points. Because the way your customers consume content is always changing, without you understanding and coming to grips with it will lead to a major disconnect. By keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll knowhow your customers want to connect with you, rather than just guessing. This is key to developing and maintaining relationships.

It helps you determine if you’re on the right track

Staying in touch with your customers’ engagement needs will also help you gain feedback about how your business is doing. You’ll know where they’re commenting on your products and services, why they feel the way they do, and you may even get a few hints as to how you can improve things. However, this requires that you’re tracking marketing trends and you know where the communication works best.

It’s all about engagement, engagement, engagement

Your customers form a whole community of individuals who are either slating or celebrating your product. Without knowing how to engage with this community and understanding their trigger points, you’re missing out on the ability to shape this conversation in your favour and to become the presence they’re constantly asking for. By keeping up with the latest trends, you’re actively working with your customers in building the best product or service for them—thereby building brand loyalty and trust.

On that note, Sprout Social recently put together the top 10 marketing trends of 2018 and after reading the above, you won’t be surprised at what they’re all about. Check out the top 3 below and compare them with how your business is taking advantage and engaging with customers. 

1. Native storytelling

Social media has traditionally been seen as a way to broadcast content and force it in front of customers and potential customers. Businesses would spend huge amounts of cash and time making sure that their voices were the loudest no matter what they were actually saying. However, this has shifted in recent years. Marketers have realised that social media isn’t just a means of sharing content. It’s also a platform from which you can tell your brand’s story and connect with your customers. It’s become an essential cog in the marketing machine and is often seen as a first point of contact between the business and its customers.

2. Brands operating like media companies

Gone are the days of simply producing advertising content that fills the world with selling propositions and product specials. Nowadays, instead of trying to sell a product or service to a customer, you have to sell a why. Why should this customer choose your brand? Why will it solve their problem? With brands operating like media companies, more and more companies are beginning to publish content that speaks more to this why and that actively engages the customer about theirneeds. It’s not just about generating a profit, it’s about building and maintaining relationships. 

3. Optimizing for humans, not robots

Thinking of slapping 30 hashtags to the end of your post in hope that it will be seen by more people and spread the word? Think again. As mentioned by Sprout Social, whether it’s getting organic engagement on Facebook or improving your rankings in Google, there’s a continuous struggle to get your brand seen, but still appeal to your target audience. This is where it’s important to put your customers first. Think about the content that adds value to their lives and that is easier to engage with for them. Once you start creating content for people rather than robots, algorithms will matter a whole lot less.

We understand and realise that keeping up with marketing trends can be time-consuming and tricky. It’s hard to identify which trends to follow and which are simply a flash in the pan. However, you’re not alone in this. We at Delvv make it our business to track these trends for you and ensure that you’re on the right track. We tap into the people that matter to you and your business the most—your customers. Wouldn’t it be great to hear what they’re saying and learn how you can speak their language? You know what to do!