Thriving under the social influence

If you’ve been online lately and have scrolled through the never-ending feeds of the various social media networks, there’s no doubt that you’ve been flooded by social influencers.  These are the celeb-like profiles of people who have thousands of followers and who are constantly punting some sort of brand or product. It’s easy for your brand or business to fade into the background of these influencers, especially if you’ve lost touch with your audience and dropped the ball on what it means to be fully present online. 

This begs the question; how do you keep up with the Kardashians of Twitter and other social media platforms? Here are a few tips to help ensure you or your brand thrives under the social influence:

Don’t overschedule your posts—you’re not a robot

When it comes to running your business’s social media accounts or even your own as a business promoter, it’s easy to get swept up in the allure of auto-schedulers and effortless post-machines. However, overuse of these tools takes the personality and engagement aspect out of social media, and that’s really what it’s all about. It’s therefore recommended that every week or so you actually logon to the different accounts and engage with the people you follow or who follow you (retweet their tweets, reply to them, you know—actually engage with them). 

This is a better way of making or leaving a social impression and also makes you seem more human—as opposed to being seen a robot-auto-scheduler like many of the social influencer accounts boil down to. However, this does take up more time—and that’s when you need to ensure that you find a balance between your core responsibilities in your role as a business owner and your social (media) life.

Don’t just engage in business or product

Be wary that you’re not just tweeting and engaging with individuals on business related matters. Also engage in your own interests and your own hobbies, or even on current trends outside of your own industry. Again, this makes you more human, authentic and more likable on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are millions of businesses and brands on Twitter and the last thing people want is to follow someone who basically only tweets about their business or about the products you’re trying to sell them. A tip is to also share some resources or blogs too. These add value without a hidden agenda.

Become a conversationalist

Use relevant hashtags and engage with like-minded people in conversations that mater to you. You’ll find that people are more likely to engage/ follow you and your brand if you’re sharing relevant content that they can relate to. Especially if it’s based in your region (for example, if there’s a circus in town, a new mall opening, any breaking news, bad weather, celebrity/ politician scandal, etc.). Follow those conversations (by searching for and using the appropriate #) and engage with the influential people in that conversation.

Don’t be scared to shout out or reach out

Also, don’t be scared to send a shout-out to popular people you follow, even celebrities you like or sportspeople you have an interest in. They may not always reply or respond, especially if you go into super-Twitter-stalker mode, but sometimes they do. And when they do, your social impressions will go through the proverbial roof. You’ll also find yourself in conversation with other fans of the popular Twelebs (Twitter celebrities) or LinkedIn groups you’re attempting to engage with and may even gather some fans yourself.

Above all though, have fun, be social, be witty and be charming. Be more human and more likeable than those untouchable social influencers. Remember that there are hundreds and thousands of trolls out there, and so try not take what people say too seriously. If you want to argue with these keyboard warriors, which many of us undoubtedly will, try and limit your responses to just two and make sure it’s nothing that damages your brand. It’s better to walk away from a slippery slope argument with a troll than to slide down into the trenches with them. That’s where they flourish, breed and eat. And you won’t float down there.

Please feel free to share any of your own tips to thriving under the social influence in the comments below. Otherwise, we hope this short post helps a little in your own quest to becoming a social butterfly.