Beat the block: 5 ways to inspire yourself through a creative block

Pressures on and you’re feeling hard pressed to come up with captivating creative work for a new product, launch or campaign? You may think you’ve tried everything, from downing a bottle of champagne to reading through pages upon pages of Hunter S. Thompson’s greatest epics in search for inspiration. Fear not because we’ve got a few ideas that may yet see you break through your current creative block. Check it out:

1. Get outside for a bit

When was the last time you left your usual place of work and got out into the wilderness for a bit of natural inspiration? This has been proven to not only elevate your mood and provide you with much needed rest, but it’s also a great source of garnering different ideas to put towards your projects and creative content. The colours, shapes, sights and sounds of nature often inspires the creative type through the toughest of creative blocks.

2. Disconnect and focus

While this may sound a little counter-productive, disconnecting from the internet and spending more time focusing on your task at hand without relying on what’s online could prove to be your best bet. When we’re connected to the internet, it’s so easy to get caught up in the distractions of social media, other emails or the odd stray into the depths of YouTube. If what you need for your creative content is a fresh idea and something that hasn’t been done before, you’re definitely not going to find it online anyways.

3. Go back to your childish roots

Another great way of finding inspiration or coming up with great ideas is by simply playing. Yes, we know you have a job and you’re an adult and all that, but evidence has shown that games and playful activities help spike creativity and put you in touch with the centre of your brain where the magic happens. This could be in the form of computer games or board games, various sports or even the odd puzzle or two, the point is to get playing so that you can start creating.

4. Play some music

Much like playing games, listening or making music is right up there with the best of creative juicers. Whether your tastes are classical, rock, rave or rap, the rhythms and sounds of your favourite music helps get you in tune with the creativity you need to complete the content you need for your campaign or launch. Not sure where your tastes lie? Listening to music you haven’t heard before has been proven to have the same effect. The only thing left for you to do is hit play. 

5. Outsource the creativity 

When you outsource ideas and creativity from professionals outside of your department or organisation, you aren’t limited to the regular routine ideas you’ve all been made used to. By this, we mean the common ideas that are often shared around the office and that can often cloud your mind when searching for a new one. You’re getting fresh ideas from people from all walks of life who have a different understanding of your product or service. These new perspectives may sometimes seem odd or outlandish, but they often bode well in either sparking your own creativity or making you think of a project in a whole new light.

So, the next time you feel stuck or trapped inside a creative-less void of frustration, try the methods mentioned in this post to help guide you to success and ensure you complete the most inspired project or campaign yet.