Concept and Copy Testing in Africa has recently launched Sense Check - a tool for brands and agencies to get feedback on their marketing strategies, advertising creative and camapaign concepts from an online panel of creative professionals anywhere in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.


Copy testing on the African continent

Validating concepts and getting feedback on campaign concepts and ad creative has been notoriously hard in Africa. Traditional consumer copy testing vendors do have offices in South Africa and other major markets like Nigeria and Kenya, but they are often part of a global corporation with little flexibility when it comes to adopting to local market conditions. This means long turnaround times, more cost prohibitive methodologies and little customization to client needs.

Moving outside the major markets of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, this problem is exacerbated by even less internet penetration (meaning more reliance on in-field recruiters), hundreds of official languages and culturres that just developing their consumer habits and relationships to brands. Add in the political and economic instability, and one begins to appreciate the difficulty in setting up a research business in Africa to conduct copy testings and concept development. is using over 25,000 creative profssionals across Africa as a way for brands and agencies to overcome these hurdles and receive in-market feedback that helps the creative process, not slow it down. Although, Sense Check is not meant to be an alternative to using consumers to test potential sales impact, we believe that constructive, qualified, and unbiased feedback from professionals offers a unique way for clients to mitigate cultural risk, identify concepts that will translate across several geograhpic locations and get the same emotional value that copy testing provides in other markets outside of Africa. 

Copy testing in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania

These are our most requested markets for advertising creative and campaign concept feedback. Not only do we have our largeset composition of creatives from these markets, there is a well established branding and consumer culture with larger middle classes than others. It is very common for a South African brand, or a global brand with African head quarters in South Africa to look at Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania as natural extentions of their campaigns.

Unfortunately, each of these markets represents unique culturual traditions, macro economic conditions, consumer segments and brand environments. We often find that campaign concepts that may work in Kenya and Ghana will fail miserably in Nigeria. 

Copy testing in Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia

These countries are also high in demand when it comes to testing creative from South African based brands, mostly because of their proximity and shared boarder. With smaller markets than some of the Eastern and Western African countries, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia take advantage of easy distribution of products across the South African boarder, quick and inexpensive flights from distributers and some shared cultural similarities with South Africans. Media budgets can easily reach into these countries, and brand managers have a sense of control with these markets.

Botswana, with its stable democracy, Namibia with its high tourism population, and Mozambique with its natural resource potential all make for good testing grounds for brands looking to gain a foothold in markets outside of SA. 

Copy Testing in French and Portuguese Speaking Africa

Although translation has never posed a serious challenge in other markets, getting creative research and feedback done in Angola, Benin, Senegal, Ivory Coast and others has proved difficult for brands. This is due to some of the other factors mentioned in the opening paragraph, but also because of unique environments. For instance, the high rate of inflation has meant that traditional incentives to focus group members or survey participants has been less effective as the total monetary amount was insignificant. 

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