crowned winner of the Ventureburn Pitching Den

Ventureburn Pitching Den winners 2016

Two weekends ago we found ourselves winning an award at the SA Innovation Summit , but it was no easy task. Because when competing in any competition, you are not the only one in the running for top honors.


There were about 40 startups pitching over a two-day period, a large crowd, judges that looked friendly and polite, yet there was an unmistakable aura of ‘’Impress me’’ and maybe you stand a good chance of second or third place.


So, we did...but what isn’t mentioned is the week that was, heading up to the summit date.


A week swamped with presentations and proposals, meetings with clients, launching client campaigns,  corroborating with the team and still being able to squeeze in a quirky, yet professional Co-Founders video [coming soon] by non-professionals that used…


A mini wooden stand to hold the iPhone in place on a high plastic cushioned chair which made the balancing difficult and requiring the services of two from our team, one to position and stabilize the phone, the other to press record and stop at every take.


There is no well-paved road to success, no easy shortcuts, the obstacles in your way are not inhibiting, but mere opportunities that challenge you to be innovative and help you understand how much more you can learn from that. and the team are very excited about winning this award and the chance to represent South Africa in Silicon Valley next year at the Startup World Cup.