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"Why creativity is moving to the crowed" and cloud- Fin24 feature

This month, we were delighted to be given an excellent feature piece in Fin24. The title: “Why creativity is moving to the crowd” written by Jessica Hubbard. The article was a perfect summation of and how we are using technology to provide feedback to brands on global ad campaigns.


The race for speed in today’s digital environment has altered the marketing and research industry quite a bit, which has led many and some long standing vendors to innovative and explore new opportunities, whether it be through programmatic ads to A.I or machine learning technology, everyone is looking to be more efficient and provide timely solutions for their clients.


And we’re no different…


The feedback 2.0 model, takes advantage of a digital platform that helps feed into its feedback processes.


As Jessica correctly highlighted: “These platforms source creative feedback and insights that, arguably, traditional agencies and marketers no longer have the time to do effectively on their own.”


One of the messages is passionately pushing to get across is not to be recognized as a replacement of agencies but rather as complimentary to their creative process, a collaborator of sorts that also provides an untapped pool of creative professionals and a ‘’Fresh pair of Eyes’’ to a creative ad campaign.


Check out the full article and what Jacques Shalom (Executive creative director for Cerebra) had to say about traditional advertising not keeping pace: Article here