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We haven't done much press, but this lucky journalist got to chat to Remon and Trevor about how they are using crowdsourcing methodologies to revolutionize (even disrupt) a very large insights and research industry. 

Here's a small excerpt:

"Market research is a branch within the advertising sector which deals with assessing the viability of a new product or service through techniques such as surveys, product testing and focus groups, and advertising effectiveness research.

Big multinationals (the likes of Coca Cola, Nestlé etc) and even smaller companies depend on this to evaluate the strength of a planned campaign.

While lesser known than the more visual aspects of the advertising industry, the sector is massive and is estimated to be valued at R620 billion globally. 

"As it is, between 4 to 8% of advertising spend goes to research. Fifteen years ago, 1.4% was spent on research. This is even more important for South African businesses who are expanding into the rest of Africa. Research helps them better understand the market they are moving into a lot better and increases their chance of success."

Traditionally this industry has been dominated by large firms who have hundreds of employees at their disposal."

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