's headline week, from local winners to international finalists of Startup World Cup 2017, Startup World Cup, FNB Innovation finalists and regional winners

The great journey to San francisco all started for us back in 2016, after being named finalists in the FNB Innovation Awards, becoming part of Endeavor South Africa, going on to win both the Startup World Cup Africa regionals at the Innovation Summit and the 2017 Insight Innovation Awards in Europe.

[Image source: Ventureburn]

[Image source: Ventureburn]

Fast forward to March 24, pitched to thousands of prominent global entrepreneurs and investors and shone a big, bright spotlight on innovation in Africa.


Our co-founders Remon Geyser and Trevor Wolfe competed against 15 other regional startups from across the globe at the inaugural Start World Cup Grand Finale. Although we did not win the grand prize, we received immense feedback and an incredible amount of global exposure. This experience paved the path for us to grow our startup in an organic yet ground-breaking way.


The winners of the $1000 000 investment was UniFa, a Japanese IoT solution for tracking kindergartens’ physical and mental growth. In addition to the million dollar funding, the startup will receive global media recognition and they will work with the organizers behind the event, Fenox Venture Capital, who will assist the startup in accelerating their ideas into reality.


Win or lose, competition always makes you stronger. The greatest leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators have competition to thank for their success stories. With the accelerating force of the Startup World Cup behind us, we’re excited to return and continue taking creativity of the crowd, to the cloud as we further aim to disrupt the market research sector globally.


We are currently working with many local brands who have been able to see and utilize the power of our crowdsourcing platform. We are eager to make use of the partnerships made at the Startup World Cup to further grow our local and international client base to create an ecosystem of partners who communally believe in the importance of our methodology.


We’d like to thank Endeavor South Africa, our Investors, Havaic and the continual support from SA Innovation Summit and SME South Africa.