How crowdsourcing can lead to your most innovative project yet

We’ve all been there. Sitting (or slouching) in the office chair, staring out the window, squeezing a stress ball—all while pondering on your next idea or innovation. You know it must be creative and exceed the market’s current expectation, but for the last two weeks you’ve leaked about as much creativity as a potato. Here’s a thought; have you ever tried outsourcing a chunk of creativity? And we’re not talking about paying huge sums of money to fancy agencies. No, we’re talking about generating ideas and suggestions from the very people who will be using or buying your next project. We’re talking about tapping into the market. Here’s how crowdsourcing can lead to your most innovative project yet.

You gain fresh perspectives 

Because you’re sourcing ideas from outside of your department or organisation, you aren’t limited to the norm. And by this we mean the common ideas that are often shared around the office and that can often cloud your mind when searching for a new one. You’re getting fresh ideas from people from all walks of life who have a different understanding of your product or service. These new perspectives may sometimes seem odd or outlandish, but they often bode well in either sparking your own creativity or making you think of a project in a whole new light.

You avoid that one guy’s opinion 

There’s always that one guyin the room or business who’s full of confidence. This isn’t always a problem—and can sometimes be a benefit—however, it’s a major hindrance to innovation.  They are often the loudest and proudest in a meeting or brainstorm, and seldom listen to other opinions or ideas because, you know, they know best. The challenge that faces innovation when there’s a dominant figure like this in the room is that the group is often only lead by one point of view. It’s usually limited to that guy’s experience of the world and can be extremely one-minded. Innovation thrives on creativity and mixed experience—and there’s no better source of this than crowd-source.

Takes the wind out the sails of groupthink

Groupthink occurs when everyone in a group or team is so scared of disturbing the peace that they dare challenge the status quo. It becomes a situation where everyone agrees (even though some are quietly agreeing to disagree) on an idea or project that well, put bluntly—sucks! Groupthink is innovation’s graveyard, where it’s buried alive under tonnes of unsaid words. By opting to crowdsource for ideas or inspiration, you completely take the wind out the sails of groupthink because no one is part of a team or single group. Each idea or  perspective is that of an individual. You’d be surprised by how many ideas or opinions are, in fact, opposites—but that’s what makes innovation spring and spread its beautiful wings.

Market your brand while building it

The process of crowdsourcing naturally increases your brand or business’s visibility and lets your customers and prospects know that you’re developing a new product or service. It not only gets the word out there that you’re about to launch something brand new, but it also gives you major brownie points with your customers because you’re engaging with them and making them part of the journey. What do these brownie points get you? Loyal fans and on-the-street promoters who are priceless to any organisation’s marketing machine.

So, next time you find yourself making squares in Microsoft Paint or having your eighth coffee break in an hour instead of planning your next project, ask yourself this; can my time be better spent fostering innovation and getting the market involved? If you answer yes, it might be time to think about crowdsourcing—we’ve got a neat platform for this. If you answer no, how about killing some more time by checking out and the world of innovation it can help open for you?

Chat again soon!

Remon Geyser