How to get insightful qualitative marketing research, in no time

We know the deal; you’re attempting to launch a new product or service, or maybe you think it’s time for a refresh, and realise that there’s still that potentially arduous task of market research still to take on. However, time is not on your side and the pressure is mounting to get the insights you need to make a success of your next project. So, what are your options? Do you sacrifice the release date for the project by ensuring you get high quality market research, or do you sacrifice the quality of your market research so that you can get your project out there as soon as possible? What if we told you that you could get decent quality, insightful market research, in no time? Well, with, you can. Here’s how:

Not just a pretty face

With, you’re not just employing another market research agency to take on the important task of gathering and making sense of market insights. You’re getting a partner in research that’s dedicated to getting the data you need, when you need it. And if that need is right now, we’ve got your back with our easy, four-step approach:

Step one: Asking the right questions 

The first key element of any market research is enquiry—asking the right questions—and not just of your target market but also of you. Before we carry out successful market research for you; we ensure that we ask the right questions to get a better understanding of your market and your project.  By doing this, we ensure that no time is wasted in trying to figure out what you’re looking for and what you need. We pre-empt most of it in a succinct conversation where we get the insight we need from you, so that we can better get the insight for you.

Step two: Collecting data 

Collecting data is a practical element of market research that you can’t afford to skip. It involves the gathering of information regarding your consumers’ preferences. However, just because it can’t be skipped, it doesn’t mean that it has to take forever and a day. has access to many industry professionals from which we draw insights and data as quickly and accurately as possible. We set tight deadlines that our professionals adhere to, and make sure that they’re focused by providing support throughout the data gathering period. 

Step three: Collating and studying the information gathered 

After gathering the data, it’s important that we sort and study it so that we can identify any trends or key highlights. Traditionally, this involves setting aside quite a bit of time to look through each response, organise and identify the main themes, and then formulate a report that adequately covers the insights that are uncovered. However, because we have a team of incredibly skilled market researchers and industry professionals that are working on a focused brief, this is done in no time. 

Step four: Identifying the strategy 

This is where blows other market research avenues out of the water. We don’t just gather data for you and dump it at your doorstep. After studying and sorting your market research data, it’s important to us that we empower you to do something with it. If there are any trends or highlights that we’ve identified, we point them out and report on them in a way that will help you develop a strategy or plan to solve or address them. This is essential because it helps to guide your business on a way forward. What’s more, this is all done in less time than what a traditional market research agency would offer.

Your customers are always seeking new products or services to solve a problem or challenge they’re facing. And their preferences are continually evolving, making it hard to keep up when your market research takes a long time. Keeping in touch with the preferences of your customers and potential customers is the key to making massive sales and turning a profit—which is why is here to help you get insightful market research, in no time.