Introducing Sense Check -Creative Feedback for Brands, Agencies and Marketing Researchers

Testing ads and strengthening campaigns using our popular product, Sense Check

The team is VERY happy to be able to talk about our most used product, Sense Check. You can learn more about how it works on our product pages here, but we'll give you a few use cases. 

Sense Check Pre-Media

Probably one the strongest uses of professional feedback from creatives is the pre-product (pre-media) stage of a camapgin. At this stage, an agency typically has produced animatics, photomatics, statamatics or storyboards and may even have a few different concepts they'd like to get evaluated. Traditional testing methodologies at this stage rely on consumers to "see the bigger picture" of the advertisment, which to many agency executives (and progressive brand managers) is too big of a stretch to produce valid results.

If you haven't seen the famous Youtube video of the focus group responsible for commenting on Apple's iconic Super Bowl ad, stop what you're doing and check it out here. Most clients and agencies are not really looking to "test" at this stage, as they don't actually think the results will be indicative of potential inmarket success. Rather, they are looking to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, mitigate against any cultural insensitivies, enhance the idea if possible, and even get some tactical suggestions.

Most of that is better addressed with profsesionals, yet simply relying on internal teams or the client's perspective does not solve the need to get external eyes on the project. That's where believes a panel of 30 qualified and unbiased creative professionals can add value if channeled properly throughour matching process and survey technology.

A typical panel would include 30% copywriters, 30% graphic designers and art directors, 30% creative directors and 10% brand or media strategists. They would range from junior to senior and most would have relevant category product experience. 

Sense Check Digital

We aren't sure if there are other firms allowing clients to test their mobile apps, websites and social media channels, but we very excited about the potential. We've done some exciting work to improve the effectivness of both small and large online brands where a small increase in conversions leads to immediate online sales or boost to instore traffic. Changes are typically very easy to incorporate, especially if the client has an in-house team, and results are easily tracked through analytics. 

A typical panel would include 30% digital copywriters, 30% digital designers, 30% UI/UX strategists and designers, and 10% digital strategists or social media strategists. 

Sense Check Instore

Another usecase of the professional creative mind, is ensuring that point of sale activations, instore branding and competive activity is verified by professional retail creatives. Using our crowdsourcing methodology, we are able to deploy relevant professional creatives in any market around the world to ensure your brand is best positioned according to your guidelines. 

A typical panel would include 30% retail brand designers, 30% strategists with instore experience, 30% media strategists with retail background, and 10% miscelaneous depending on the client brief. 

Sense Check 2nd Round

Feedback is not meant to be transactional, and often time the desire to dig deeper with a panel to solve the problems identified is not available to the client. We are challenges this limitation by going back to our panel to provide actionable solutions to the problems and weaknesses they identified in the initial survey. This is a built-in process to all of our Sense Check Products

Check out more about Sense Check here