Introducing the best feedback tool you’ll ever need, ever!

We are pleased to announce BigTeam, an online collaborative tool, that allows users to give and gain feedback on any creative campaign, innovation or marketing project, whether in an agency, through a brand or as a freelance creative. Professionals at any department, internally or externally, at any level finally have access to a creative platform that’s both visually appealing to the eye and smart with its customizable survey builder that helps in guiding you to best achieve actionable feedback.


Working with over 2000 creatives, on over 100 research projects, we’ve gained years of market knowledge and have cultivated all of this into an online smart system that is revolutionizing the creative feedback process.


Are you a researcher? How about improving effectiveness and tapping into the frontline of the employee base


Or maybe you’re an account manager, shorten the feedback cycle(less reverts, more clarity on feedback)

A brand strategist? Get tailored data for new biz and campaign pitches or test campaigns against client objectives.

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