Marketing trends to look out for in 2019

As we enter a new year, we open ourselves up to new opportunities, goals and trends. We all make personal new year’s resolutions, but what about those for our business?

For your business to progress, it’s vital that you stay ahead of the game and that your brand becomes known. Here are some marketing trends to look out for in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The concept of AI is for machines or computer programmes to be capable of learning, thinking and acting like humans. How can your business incorporate AI in your marketing?

When a digital marketing campaign is created, with AI, you can identify your customer and custom-design the message in real time. With personalised content, marketing spend will decrease and reach a more targeted audience. AI will also help you understand the behaviour of your clients, which will help you in providing products that are more suited to their needs.

Instant Messaging Ads (IM)

IM is a strategy that focuses on using social media direct messaging features to privately develop business initiatives and relationships. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are all examples of social media platforms that are quite commonly known for IM.

Instant messaging helps people connect with others globally in ways they never could have otherwise. It widens the reach of your product tremendously, ensuring that a broader spectrum of potential clients are reached. 

Let’s look at an example of a messaging ad campaign:

Sephora recently ran a campaign targeting women in the US, placing ads in the newsfeeds of those interested in makeup and cosmology. The plan/purpose was to drive more reservations with Sephora's in-store makeover service. Normally, they would have driven visitors to a landing page and tried to get them to make a reservation from there, but with Messenger ads, Sephora was able to bring clickers right into a conversation about reserving a time. The result? An 11% higher booking rate, because it was simple and convenient.

What type of campaign could your business run?

Social Media Shopping/ Commerce

The social nature of shopping is more relevant than ever as social media and ecommerce now go hand-in-hand. 

According to a 2016 study by Vendasta, nearly half of female shoppers on Twitter note that social media directly influences their buying decisions; and brands offering stellar service via social media are 71% more likely to have their products recommended to others.

Another good way for your brand to get known, is to allow comments and reviews on your social media sites – let your customers speak for your product!


Chatbots help automate the processes of monitoring and meeting the needs of customers in real-time and remove the need for dedicated social monitors. In short, chatbots act as digital helpers for shoppers looking in search of recommendations, and more advanced bots can "learn" the preferences of customers based on past behaviour and suggest products accordingly.

The degree in which Artificial Intelligence is evolving, these bots offer new layers of engagement and personalisation for shoppers, by integrating with built-in messenger apps, such as Facebook.

Live videos

Live video streaming on a social platform allows clients to feel more connected to the person behind the business, rather than the image that the business portrays. Live video streaming allows your audience to have a more human-experience, which will allow your brand to have a homey feel to it.

Being connected to your clients and keeping them updated about upcoming events, specials or latest tips, will ensure that your clients feel valued, and a valued customer is a loyal customer.

Most social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow live video streaming that can be viewed multiple times and have the ability of reaching millions of people, so what are you waiting for? Get connected - get streaming!

Marketing opportunities in a digital world are endless, but we hope the few main trends that were highlighted here will help you and your business progress and make this new year the best one yet!