Projects That Our Creative Professionals Get Paid For

Get paid for creative work with us...

If you are a creative, marketing or branding professional, we'd love to have you in our growing community of thousands around the world. You can get started by filling out your profile here. If you're curious to know what type of projects you'd be involved in, we've outlined a few below:

First, An Overivew of the Work We Do at

We've designed our products to ensure that the feedback provided by our creative community is the most impactful for our clients, but we also want to make the projects the most convenient and rewarding for you, the professional. That means that most of the work you'll be doing is digital, on your own time and on whatever mobile, desktop or tablet devise you want. We don't do any spec work, so you'll be getting above market rates for every hour you work with one of the projects. All fees will be made clear before you accept the project, and you'll also get a sneak peak into the type of brand challenge waiting before you click "accept". We do not work with any devious brand (pornography, pyramid schemes or anything else that feels funny). 

Sense Checks

Sense Checks are our flagship product and involves you (the creative professional) reviewing, commenting and providing constructive feedback on clients creative concepts and campaigns. Traditionally, clients have tested their ideas and creative with consumers using the traditional research houses, but often lacked the ability to get professional, unbiased and actionable insights from people in the industry. delvv.IO's technology will always pair you with the most relevant projects based on your past work experience, your interests and your location. You can expect to work between 30 minutes to 2 hours p/project and will be reviewing TV ads, websites, mobile apps, social media content and print ads and concepts. 

Trend Analysis

Our clients can't be traveling everywhere to get on-the-ground information on what's shaping their consumers and driving trends. Their work days are often filled with meetings, emails and managing projects and often rely on people like you to understand what's happening "in the field". Our Trend Analysis and Focus product explore what you are seeing in your neighborhood, in your industry and with your peer group. Our project managers will be working with you to help shape what you're seeing into actionable intelligence for brands and agencies. A typical project takes between 1- 4 hours of your time. 

Category/Competitive Review

Brands and Agencies around the world are always looking to better understand a specific product category (automotive, retail, consumer electronics, etc) and the brands involved. These projects, often called Pitch Perfect or Custom Research will often ask you to help clients dive into your perceptions of how brands are positioned in a market, what type of marketing communication is currently being launched, and what the brand can do about it to effectively launch a product, steal market share or drive customer loyalty. These are great projects that will stretch your analytical skills and usually take between 2-5 hours. 

Remember, you can chose which projects you want to work on, where you want to work on them, and we will never ask you to hold back on your comments or critisim. We believe in the power of the creative mind to unlock insights previously inaccesible to our clients.

If you're ready to get started, fill out your profile now