Rebel habits challenging workplace norms

Rebel habits challenge workplace norms


We thought we’d challenge the norms around behaviours associated with the way of thinking by writing an article on ‘rebel habits’. The aim was to unpack a map of habits laid out by Charles Duhigg to our community of professionals and other creatives who were getting any slack from their unconventional behaviours from; daydreaming at the office to walking tracks or up and down busy office walkways in efforts to foster productivity.

This week was partly about a shift in culture brands and culture habits which gave us the idea of how we could tie in with the theme emphasized in the newsletter from Hall&Partners. Yet, work from the angle of the creative professional, rather than bashing ‘rebel habits’, gear towards it, understand and nurture it. It was a task to apply a framework from a social science of psychology to the complexities of workplace politics and norms.

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The wheel of rebel habits