Taking stock; your guide to a basic digital audit

You may be pouring your efforts (and cash) into creating and maintaining a steady digital footprint, but are you leaving the right impression? Is this footprint trackable and does it guide your customers and potential customers to where you want to lead them? We’re ultimately talking about the online sales funnel that your business has created to captivate, engage and nurture customers into using or buying your products and services—the Holy Grail of modern marketing. When last did you received feedback on this experience and have been performing regular audits to ensure that it remains relevant?

If you’re busy rubbing the side of your head with your index finger while letting out an audible hmmm, then you’re reading the right article. We’re here to help guide you through what you should be auditing and why. Let’s go!


Reach is defined by the number of targeted consumers your online effort is being noticed by in any given period of time. It basically refers to the amount of people who are exposed to your Facebook post, Twitter post, Google Ad, etc. If your reach is low, you’re doing something wrong. Think about the market you’re targeting and whether or not you’re doing everything you can to actually reach them. Do you need to relook at the content that you’re putting out there? Maybe it’s the platform that you’re using? There are also many different community targeting options available on social media and Google when running your ads—and these often need to be experimented with. 


This is one of the more controllable aspects of your digital footprint. Your content should be created, produced and designed in such a way that appeals to the people you want to captivate and engage with. You could spend a lot on advertising and promotion but if your content isn’t hitting the mark, it all means nothing. Things to look out for here include the tone of voice you’re using (is it too formal or casual?), the length and style of the content, the channels through which it’s being delivered and of course, the content itself. Many companies make the mistake of creating content just for the sake of it—without proper market consideration or quality assurance. If you’ve done enough market research and if your ideas are fresh and relevant, your content will be tailored perfectly to suite your customers/ potential customers. If not, give us a shout and we can help you nail this down. 


If you’re developing the right content and it’s reaching the right people, your conversion rate should be pretty healthy. Conversion refers to the percentage of potential customers who reach the bottom of your online funnel and qualify as a lead or sale. Your online efforts should all be geared towards increasing the likelihood of the audience member being converted into a customer. This is done by employing a well-thought-out and researched content strategy that has defined goals that are being consistently executed. Think about the purpose of every piece of content you’re putting out there into the market. Is it leading your target market down the funnel, or is it leading them astray? Content is king when it comes to converting readers or viewers into buyers.


The biggest mistake that many businesses or brands make is not measuring the success (or lack thereof) of their digital campaigns or the content that they contain. During a digital audit, you need to make sure that you have a measurement tool in place so that you’re aware of the effectiveness of your these efforts. These are often freely available in the form of social media insights, Google Analytics, or native website stats. With this information, you’re empowered to either adapt or reinforce what you’re doing, or completely change it up if you realise that it’s just not working out.

Whether your digital footprint is something you’re actively working on to improve or whether it’s something you’re only just coming to grips with, the importance and relevance of it in today’s market is undeniable. In fact, your business or brand just won’t last if you’re not maintaining this presence, creating the right content, and adapting it to the ever-evolving marketplace.

Reach out to us if you need some help in dragging your business out of the dark ages of yesterday, and onto centre stage of a digitally connected tomorrow.